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Well, here I go again..

Hello world, how's it going? I'll be honest, i've started so many blogs throughout my years that i'm almost laughing at myself for starting a new one. Is it possible to have too many blogs? I suppose they've all served their own purpose: travel blogs, private blogs, art blogs, inspiration blogs etc. I've done them all. Sadly I have retired all of them- but their memories still linger somewhere out there in the online world. Yet here I am creating a brand new one. Why? Well- glad you asked.

I just begun my third and final year of graduate school. One of my final courses is an independent study titled "Body, Mind, Nature." Yes, I am completely aware of how lucky I am to take graduate courses that are this badass. Since i'm also lucky enough to take this class independently (as in, I kind of get to navigate my own journey and curriculum) I decided that one of my self-directed class projects was to start a public blog sharing all the experiences, information, resources and insights that I will inevitably gain throughout this semester.

I love to write. I love sharing what I write. I love information and learning and spreading that information into the world for others to absorb. I'd like to think that I surround myself with inspiring and useful information, so why not offer all this magic and wealth to others. There's also something beautifully vulnerable about sharing one's personal words with the world. I thrive off connection and community, especially when there is a specific purpose behind the communication being offered. I don't expect this blog to turn viral or bring me any specific attention- rather I feel it will serve as a safe space to share my journey with others while also keeping a record of all the experiences and bits of knowledge that come my way.

So, what is this blog going to be all about? Well, during the duration of this course I am going to be reading a variety of incredible literature that I have personally selected with the intention to create a body of artwork based off my findings and insights from these texts. Also, I am about to start an internship at a wilderness therapy site where I intend to put my research into practice when working with my future clients and teammates. Thus, this blog will serve as a place to share my artistic process while also sharing my experiential process in the field. I also get REALLY excited when I stumble upon certain theories, practices, conversations, happenings, philosophies, data and insights that fuel me and hope to use this platform as a place to share my findings with others.

What you can expect: artwork, poetry, photography, music, video clips, web links, podcasts, book references and recommendations, social activism, personal dialogue, personal opinions, factual data, inspiration, discomfort, uncertainty, beauty, chaos, confusion, understanding, open-mindedness and many other forms of magic. My aim is to keep all information centered around the concepts of creativity, nature, mind-body, healing, mental health, personal growth, community and recovery.

As a sensitive, empathetic human I have often felt like I need to stay small and quiet in order to "fit in" to this large, busy, complicated society. However i've grown a lot in the past years and feel a confidence within myself to speak and share from my soul, with pride and without shame. As an advocate for mental health awareness, social justice, equality, human (and animal) rights, and environmental consciousness I feel that the only way to make change happen in this world is to stay educated and keep the conversations alive and thriving.

This is my attempt. It's different then most of my past blogs which have solely focused on myself and my experiences. Yes- this one will include some of those- but it will be focused on the greater picture, the world we're all living in and sharing, and will focus on how working with your body, understanding your mind, and connecting with nature are vital for an individual to awaken, heal and positively thrive and contribute to the overall wellness of humankind.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check this out. Stay connected with me through my Instagram (darcywadeart) for news of new blog posts and updates.

Before I leave you, here's an oldie but goodie TedTalk by one of my biggest influences, Brené Brown. She is an author, professor, public speaker, researcher and social activist who has spent the majority of her professional career researching vulnerability. I was introduced to her at the beginning of my graduate career and have continued to be inspired by her wisdom and research. Since this talk is an introduction to her work on vulnerability, and I feel very vulnerable starting this blog, I figured it would be the perfect addition. Enjoy!

Much gratitude and love! -Darcy.

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